Monday, December 6, 2010


I have a friend, let's call her *Shmulie*. Shmulie is very supportive of my essays and likes to send me positive, encouraging feedback about my musings. She has a fantastic blog of her own with lots of followers and people who view her work. Shmulie writes on a *daily* basis, sometimes more than one post. All brilliant, witty and well written, every day for close to six months. Recently Shmulie sent me a suggestion - perhaps my essays would be easier to read if I put them in paragraph form? She acknowledged that while she recognized I was going for a *stream-of-consciousness-vibe* the paragraphs would make them more *reader-friendly*. Um, yeah. Stream of consciousness... What Shmulie doesn't realize is that actually I was just being lazy. Too many years out of the workforce and my writing now reads like a grocery list. It's a miracle I remember how to use punctuation at all.

Once she pointed it out I became self-conscious. What if my readers (all three of you) *would* prefer if I made things a little easier to read? Well of course I would have to clean them up. In the same way that I would *never* allow anyone inside my house unless it was to a reasonable standard of cleanliness (except Beth) my writing must be presentable. And not give people a headache. If people are going to read this (all three of you) then I *must* make sure that Strunk and White would be proud. Thank you Shmulie, you have saved me from myself and your feedback is much appreciated.


  1. Turn about is fair play, my friend. Ah, yes, I did write an entire (fully-punctuated) blog about you entitled "PTA Overachiever Mom Intervention". The thing is, I did at least disguise your name. The reason I am laughing so hard (and nearly peed my pants) is because the clever alias you assigned me was, in fact, my childhood nickname.
    Keep it coming, girlfriend. You rock.

  2. I hope you weren't offended! It was meant to poke fun at me and how far my writing skills have slid. My mother would be horrified. Thanks for pulling me back from the abyss.

  3. While I have mad love for paragraphs, I like the stream of consciousness (deliberate or accidental) approach as well!

    Thanks for letting me be the only visitor in your only-slightly-less-than-pefect version of a "messy" house. You know you hold the same place on my list (except my house is actually messy).

    Just yesterday as I drove by that blue house-in-the-making, I legitimately contemplated a move there in order to achieve my goal of true next door neighbor-hood. Then our boys could demand specialized sandwiches with even more impunity than they do now.

    Too bad that stupid white house in the middle is screwing up my dream.