Monday, December 27, 2010


So my thoughtful husband got me a Kindle for Christmas. I am thrilled, how fun, a new gadget. And now I am more likely to have my book on hand while I sit waiting for my kids to finish (insert name of extracurricular activity here). Think of all the reading I will get to! My brain may eventually return to it's pre-children state of usefulness! Vocabulary words that aren't monosyllabic will spill out of my mouth. I will speak in sentences again, with complete thoughts! I will be interesting!

But wait, there is a problem. I have a large stack of books waiting to be read. Books I really want to read, that have been patiently waiting for me to get to them. Probably close to $100 worth of books I am eager to read and over time, will read. But now I have the Kindle so I don't need these heavy, ink and paper hard copy books anymore. These dinosaurs of print. No problem, I will purchase these books for my Kindle! But wait, I have already purchased these books. Do I repurchase them for the Kindle and waste the money I spent on the hard copy books? Absolutely not! I will read these hard copy books and get my money's worth, then I will start purchasing books for my Kindle. But wait, the stack of books is quite large. Close to $100 worth of books large. It will take me at least 6 months, maybe more to get through them. And all that time my Kindle will sit there unused, money wasted. That doesn't work either.

What should I do? While I ponder this dilemma I will watch Hulu and play Solitaire and Scrabble on my Kindle. Eventually the answer will come to me. And perhaps that giant pile of hard copy dinosaurs will read itself?


  1. Perhaps you could divide and conquer? Maybe read a dinosaur, then treat yourself to a NEW Kindle book and read that? It might take a year, but you'll work your way through both piles without an ounce of guilt! My sister keeps gushing about the Kindle she got for Christmas...I hope you are loving it as much!

  2. Thanks! I decided to read some new books on the Kindle and once things settle down from the holidays, will tackle one from my stack. Although my friend recommended sucking it up and re-purchasing Freedom for the Kindle since it is so large / unwieldy.